Sports Geeks helps its clients improve sporting performance through digital transformation



Our cloud-based enterprise services are designed around 4 core activities specific to Sport Performance. Leveraging the power of Big data, connected devices, and machine learning, we provide integrated and cutom-built tools for increased results in:


1. Performance Optimization

For training sesssions and competition preparedness

2. Health monitoring

Detecting and preventing physiological risks

3. Tactics and Collective Intelligence Management

Developing team cohesion to execute on a common goal 
4. Athlete recruiting



Sports Geeks provides custom-tools and tailored apps services powered by Microsoft's latest Azure platform and BI technology. Combining the strengths of Microsoft Enterprise Services and Sports Geeks as service providers, to add more value to the specific needs of Sports track clients. In order to create impactful solutions, we also partner on the visual graphics rendering component with cutting-edge 3D animation and application developers. We have input and exchanges with large game developers for motion capture and cinematics technology and expertise.  





Our DNA is our combined passion for Sports and Innovation. Successful Sports Businesses today need to achieve digital transformation of core sport activities including for development and youth programs. Our data science and intelligence is fueled by our clients, a growing consortium of athletes and subject matter experts, including for group intelligence and tactics. Sports Geeks also constantly looks to exchange with national and regional sporting organizations where performance research is top of mind.






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Embracing the digital revolution is the future of Sports...


To stay competitive in the world of Sports, it is key to continuously improve on the existing methods and ways of doing things.  There is today a revolution in technology which provides greater opportunities for those willing to embrace the new era of connected devices, big data, artificial intelligence, digital animation and 3D/holographic image rendering. Sports businesses which invest in their venture should be deliberate about innovation and put it at the heart of their sporting project. This means going throught the digital transformation of the organization. Sports Geeks can help improve your Sport performance management through custom-made solutions. 

As a cloud solution and content provider specialised in the Sports sector, Sports Geeks proposes integrated solutions combining analytics, tailored data science and intutitive 3D 'game-like' rendering of data into insight. All this at the finger tips of mobile devices for Sport professionals.


Powered by Microsoft cloud services, we develop customized tools, applications and connected devices to the specific sports performance needs of our clients. The intelligence and rendering of millions of data collected from linked devices provides a powerful new competitive edge. It allows Sports organizations to Leapfrog into the new digital era, getting more value and actionable insight for better sport performance results